Cypress Choral

Winter’s Blanket

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Len Enns
CP 1173
This lovely musical gem sings itself with a lyrical melody, sweet spot vocal registers and intuitive voice leading. Women and the audiences they sing for will love it! Ideally suited for a Christmas program but will work fine any time of year.

"Winter is a striking (and bracing!) reality on the Canadian prairies, and Christmas takes on a special character because of this. Snow is, of course, an overwhelming presence. I have taken this soft gift of winter as an image of Christ's presence among us--the biblical promise that the Messiah will make the rough places plain finds a wonderful parable in the quiet snowfalls that gently smooth the plough furrows of the fields. There is forgiveness and hope in this blanket of white that soothes and smoothes the rough earth in its annual ritual." L.E.