Gate Gate (Buddhist Mantra)

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Brian Tate
The Sanskrit text of "Gate, Gate" which appears at the end of the "Prajnaparamita Heart Sutra" is generally regarded as the essence of Buddhist teaching.  "Gate" means gone.  Gone from the suffering to the liberation of suffering.  Gone from forgetfulness to mindfulness.  Gone from duality to non-duality.  "Gate gate" means gone, gone.  "Paragate" means gone all the way to the other shore.  Gone, gone, gone all the way over.  In Parasamgate, "sam" means everyone, the entire community of beings.  Everyone gone over to the other shore.  "Bodhi" is the light inside, enlightenment, or awakening.  And "svaha" is a cry of joy or excitement, like Halleluia!  Gone, gone, gone all the way over, everyone gone to the other shore, enlightenment, svaha!